Malaysian Super Series : Photo Documentation

November 14, 2008

Yet another project with Superbike Malaysia Racing Team.What an experience!



  1. what a techinic!!

  2. wow..gambaq2 sempoi..pandai amek gambaq neh..
    ajaq sket..XD

  3. nice pics. scenery pics ada?

  4. Thanks for dropping by. You take amazing pictures. I wish I could learn from you.

  5. diloz
    -tq for dropping by,teknik besa besa je…:)

    -thanks,buley jer…keep coming yeh…

    -InsyaAllah akan diupload nanti…tunggu….

    -Thanks,all come from our Creator.keep in touch InsyaAllah we can learn from each other…

  6. waaa..encik mrgbum..bleh ar menuntut ilmu nih yek..
    sbb i’m a photo manipulator..
    wawawa..~~!! nice shot ma…

  7. hey pandainya panning! aku punya panning skill baru 10%. haha.

  8. superb abg gbum!
    nice nice nice nice nice

  9. cantek giler…!

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