Buy a T-Shirt and Donate For Palestine

February 4, 2009

In order to collect fund for Dana Kemanusian Palestin (DAKAP), I’m helping my fellow selling a t-shirt “STOP WAR! SAVE PALESTINE”. Come with 3 choice of colour ; white, red and black with variety of size.

Every Rm5 from the t-shirt will be donated to this fund. Check out the news paper cutting below for more information or log on to www.superyan.net

If you staying around Putrajaya-Cyberjaya-Serdang-Sri Kembangan,simply contact me and no charge for the delivery.




  1. gbum ni bj yang superyan buat tu ke?
    ada event di utp next wik.
    kalo mau aku tolong jualkan boleh saja.
    bleh kot try luck mana tau dpt sikit pn xpa.
    tolong apa yg termampu.

    • haah..baju supeyan ar..buley jer… ko mitak direct je kat superyan…

  2. ade lagi x baju nie

    • maaf dah lama habis

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