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Fadhil & Azatul : Reception : JB

July 31, 2010



Fadhil & Azatul : Indoor

July 30, 2010

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Fadhil & Azatul : Solemnization : JB

July 29, 2010

Dear all,i’m so sorry for being dormant quite a while… a lot of thing happen now and then that taking me away from this blog.

A couple for this time around is Fadhil and Azatul,Fadhil actually is my best friend since both of us was very active in biking years.I think it got back to circa 2003..yup thats rite… both of us love to cruise around …short trip like having breakfast in Tanjung Malim or having Mee bandung Muar as supper or even 3 days trip to Mersing sleeping under the sky and starring at the star ..pergh…shiok!… now hes getting married… but deep down i bet he never let go his passion for biking.never! once a biker always a biker… vrommm 😛